Who We Are?

‘Young Peacebuilders of Turkey’ is an initiative that seeks to focus on Youth, Peace and Security. The basis of this initiative is derived from the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Resolution 2250 to create a platform for the youth to actively participate in the peacebuilding and violence prevention process.

We believe that young people play a critical role in the establishment and promotion of peace and security, therefore we have decided to focus on the role of the youth in the peacebuilding process. This initiative is a wholly focused on the role and empowerment of the youth within the context of peace and security, and thus is working independently from any political, religious or national movements and formations.

Our platform prioritizes the integration and empowerment of disadvantaged groups and believes that this is an essential element within peace and peacebuilding. We completely reject discriminatory policies that discriminates based on political, religious, ethnic and sexual identity.

Our movement believes that local development will undoubtedly have an impact on world peace. Our platform seeks to show to the youth that there are alternatives instead of violence, and is working hard to ensure that peace takes a permanent place in our society.

What We Do?

The UN Security Council resolution 2250 which was adopted in 2015 sets out our commitments on peacebuilding by making civic projects which seeks to improve economic development, education, social integration, gender equality, diversity.

​Our main approach will be to engage youth of different backgrounds by training them to achieve their aspirations, and help them identify opportunities for them to contribute to their communities.

Believing that young people have a critical role in the establishment and protection of international peace and security, the Young Peacebuilders of Turkey aims to achieve its goals by facilitating and promoting activities for young people. These activities include: networking, civic education, local and international projects, academic research, field work, discussion panels, conference and workshop activities.

​We also believe that by ensuring these for the youth to contribute to all aspects of the peace process, this effort will minimize the lack of socioeconomic opportunities for young people and reduce discrimination and marginalization for young people. With youth participation we will be able  to contribute and help build a future of freedom, dignity and equality for all.